What is your story?

Film can inspire and call to action like no other medium. You may get 5 seconds at best to catch their attention. With film, not only can you maximize that short timeframe, you can convince them to give you more and win their hearts and minds in the process. My joy is in making beautifully crafted images, but that can also serve a purpose.

Watch that stirrup

Rider and author of Horses Adored and Men Endured and Saddle Seeks Horse, Susan Friedland Smith retells the story of a traumatic experience with her horse Knight.

Create excitement

Producing videos during the beginning of your event creates buzz and excitement. The fear of missing out and desire to be in the action then creates urgency. Urgency and excitement drive more people to the event and to post to social media giving far more advertising than any ad budget could achieve on its own.

Unconventional Advertising

For this promo with American Equus, we provided footage for entrants to download and edit into their own unique videos for a chance to win a pair of stirrups. We received about 500 initial entries most of which are still posted on entrants accounts. A year later and new edits are still being posted every week. 

Product Testing

For this video I was sent the new Skydio R1 self flying drone for product testing. What better place to test out new camera gear than the location of some of our favorite westerns, Paramount Ranch.

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