Vanessa Hughes is an award-winning commercial photographer and videographer who travels worldwide. She has been producing remarkable images for more than 15 years and her travels take her on assignments, and personal projects capturing breathtaking equestrian facilities, people, and horses around the world.

She provides a fresh vision to capture hundreds of years of tradition.

Vanessa is as comfortable photographing for the top brands in the equestrian industry, as well as riders at local shows. Whether she is working in her studio, or an isolated equestrian destination, Vanessa’s dramatic images soon reveal her mastery of natural, or created light, in the formation of her works of art.





On Location

With a narrow aisle available with these beautiful yucca plants in the background we got a nice bright and clean background to contrast the colors in the products. Its always a treat to find a spot like this in California.

“Product shoot locations are rarely if ever ideal, especially when horses are involved. Finding that magical setting in what may seem like an impossible location takes a keen eye.  If you can make those situations look pretty, the sky is the limit on what can be achieved in a truly gorgeous setting.” 

“The person behind the camera is what really matters”

“Like so many, life carried me far away from the horse world. The camera brought me back.”

– Vanessa Hughes

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